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Our approach to sustainability means we hold ourselves accountable for people we work alongside, the planet we contribute to as well as the products we create. We know our influence in the industry might be limited, but we believe in the circle of influence: if we can inspire someone to be better for the environment, they will go out to inspire others.

Traditionally, jewelry is the perfect sustainable item. Whether you pass your ring on to the next generation or recycle your old jewelry into something new. But there is a lot of progress to make when it comes to materials, packaging and emissions. 

Eco Materials
Our first and foremost focus will be to mostly use recycled or, if not technically
possible, ethically sourced materials. We’ve already made tremendous
progress in this department. Our goal is to reach a 100% circularity, Cradle to cradle. We really enjoy reaching this goal by creating creative and fun solutions with multiple functions.


Fashionology eco ziplock

We’re doing everything we can to prevent the use of old school plastic. Many jewelry brands repackage their product with plastic several times, before presenting the jewelry to the customer in a box. We have eliminated this entire process and only use one eco pvc ziplock bag from production until the customer receives the piece at home. This means no extra unnecessary plastic. The eco pvc ziplocks may serve many functions for re-use: Use it as jewelry storage or to store small parts during traveling. 

Fashionology eco pouchFashionology eco box
The organic cotton pouch comes in a recycled carton box. These boxes are used as little as possible, but they are always a part of gift packaging.

Fashionology eco order pouch
To offer the customer just a little extra experience of the brand, you can pack the pieces in this organic cotton pouch. In addition to being a sparing packaging method, this pouch also serves many functions: it may be used as a travel bag or even a make-up and medicine container. Re-use it as you wish!


Fashionology eco gift wrapping

We believe that gift wrapping is a perfect opportunity to continue on our path towards sustainability. Our gift ribbons are made from organic cotton, and we use very thin recycled wrapping paper to reduce our waste and imprint on the planet.


Fashionology eco shipping envelope
Our shipping envelope has an extra adhesive strip that turns into a return envelope. When nothing is being returned, the envelope may be repurposed. We prefer to ship in thin enveloped - and almost never in boxes -  as they require much less space during transportation. The order form you receive along with your order is many things at once: It is our packlist, your order form and return form. This way we ensure that no unnecessary paper is being wasted.


Fashionology eco returns
We are doing everything we can to make sure you're satisfied with your jewelry and keep our return rate very low to reduce the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. We offer size guides, closing guides, live chat via whatsapp, and show as many inspiration images of our jewelry as possible, so you know what you're ordering well in advance.

Fashionology checkout eco packaging
During the checkout you may choose for eco packaging. If you prefer this your order will be shipped including only the most necessary items. All of our sale order will be automatically shipped shipped with the eco packaging method.


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