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Care Guide: Gold Vermeil

Our gold vermeil jewelry has a 3 micron layer of solid gold on a sterling silver base. Our gold vermeil jewelry is marked with a 925 or 825 stamp, as the base material is sterling silver.

Our gold vermeil earrings can be worn 24/7 without any problems. Also the rest of our gold vermeil is pretty low maintenance, but to keep them looking its best avoiding scratching is key. Once there is a scratch fluids will get into the scratch, resulting into discoloration. Remove your rings before exercising or heavy lifting to prevent it from bending. Bending may cause a crack in the ring and once there is a crack fluids can get into the crack, resulting discoloration, also be careful when you are considering pairing with other pieces and avoid direct contact with chemicals, like lotions, perfumes, chloric, etc, as they will contribute to fading.

Buff gently with a dry microfiber cloth. Dirt and oil buildup can temporarily darken the appearance of the jewelry unless cleaned properly. Store separately in a dry space when not worn.

Hollow Hoop Earrings 35mm Gold Vermeil

Hollow Hoop Earrings 35mm Gold Vermeil


These lightweight and 'easy to put on' hollow hoops are one of our favorite styles. They're handmade from gold vermeil, are 4mm thick and have a 35mm diameter. Wear yours alongside the 25mm version if you want to make an… read more

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